Gone are the days of your orthodontist having a one-size-fits-all approach. Equipped with a new generation of technology, Arthur Street Dental embraces individualised orthodontics that puts the focus firmly on individual patient needs.

We use the Progressive Orthodontics system, a world leader in individualised orthodontics programs. Dentists who use it are connected to a global network of dentistry experts across a range of fields.  

This gives us a large degree of support and access to leading-edge and emerging treatment options that help us to deliver highly personalised treatment plans based on the latest industry knowledge.

And, in more severe cases where surgery may be required, we still have our traditional network of orthodontic specialists to call on when needed.

Your orthodontist on call

The system marks a mind shift away from production-line orthodontics that focuses predominately on fitting bracket braces to solve a variety of patient issues in favour of much more personalised treatment plans.

Essentially, it’s a prescription for every patient, not just one system that treats everyone the same. And it can all be managed by your general dentist without the time commitment and monetary expense of seeing a specialised orthodontist.

A patient’s perspective

Here’s how traditional orthodontics works: your general dentist refers you to an orthodontist, you go in for an initial appointment, your treatment plan is scribbled down on a piece of paper, and soon you’re in the chair being fitted with bracket braces.

The problem is that many dentists take a standardised approach to this process. As a patient you can be left without a proper explanation of the treatment options, with little understanding of exactly how you will be treated and the outcomes you should expect.

Progressive orthodontics, on the other hand, seeks to involve the patient much more closely in their treatment plan so that you can visualise it better and understand how it links to your specific treatment goals.

The process is also managed by your dentist who has a more intimate knowledge of your dental history and treatment goals, with the need to see a specialist often only occurring in more severe surgical cases.

Technology to the rescue

Recent advances in technology are driving the uptake of individualised orthodontics. The latest custom-designed software now allows your general dentist to trace x-rays and formulate detailed patient treatment plans without the need to refer you to a specialist.

That means patients can be more closely involved in a fully customisable treatment plan. The software also helps patients to visualise the intended treatment outcomes so there is no confusion about what is and isn’t possible.

The result for patients is more control over our options, a better understanding of how the treatment plan will progress, and a much clearer understanding of the outcomes that can be expected.

Enter the experts

While your orthodontics is centrally managed by your general dentist, it certainly does not seek to exclude other experts from your treatment plan as they are required.

It’s all about putting the power into your hands to give you more control over your treatment options and a greater insight into how your treatment plan will achieve the outcomes you want.