Kellie Langdon

Hygienist-Coffs-Harbour-Kellie-Langdon.jpgKellie Langdon joined the Arthur Street Dental team in January 2011 when she relocated to Coffs Harbour from Sydney.

Kellie is proud to have earned her qualification as a Dental Hygienist through Newcastle University. Kellie has been working within the dental industry for the past 13 years. During this time Kellie has gained vast experience and has developed a strong passion for oral health.

As an oral health professional, Kellie instils in her patient a sense of purpose and works together with her patients to achieve and maintaining their optimum level of oral health. Kellie will tailor preventative treatment accordingly, thereby making use of her eye for detail and her gentle touch.  She also is great with kids and those patients that find it difficult to overcome their dental fears.

A healthy mouth is like a well built house: it all starts with good foundations.